Got candidates to register? Make it easy with our bulk upload form

We know September is the busiest time of year for new apprentice starts and often means lots of records for training providers to set up. Let us help you.

We have enclosed some guidance to help you register your learner records below, or you can view our training guide for full details.


How to register learners on ACE360

  1. Log in and upload individual learners manually.
  2. Fill out the bulk upload form (for 5 learners or more) and send it back to us. Remember to password protect it for GDPR compliance. Request a copy of the form here.
  3. Through integration with your LMS system  – get in touch with us to discuss.
Remember to register your candidates on the system as early as possible.  If you need help we are here for you.


Remember to purchase your tokens

Before you can add any new Apprentice records to ACE360 you must have available Tokens.  If you need help with this process, please see the Purchasing ACE360 Tokens section in the training guide, or get in touch now to start the process.