ACE360 system change log by release date

11th December 2020

Bug fixes

Booking tool – Apprentice confirmation emails no longer sent on apprentice change after booking passed

Booking tool – booking auto completed only when apprentice is marked as confirmed attendance

Booking tool – confirmation emails layout and wording changed

Booking tool – withdrawn and archived apprentices removed from selection screen

Removed assessor details from apprentice booking confirmation email

Employer County field now saving

Removed MVP from all emails


Secure cookie set

Automatic Session timeout

Jquery Library updated

Added path relative css

Removed technology fingerprinting


Session timeout auto-logout warning countdown screen added with option to stay logged in

File upload limit added to profile pictures



22nd October 2020


NIST Password Validation rules added

Password breach check added

Password confirmation fields added

Failed login attempt throttling added


Updated form widths

Colour contrast on fields made more visible


16th September 2020

Removed pro forma from invoices

FISSS Registered Address change

Disallow training managers from the activity log view