EPAOs - Disability and Accessibility

The Equality Act (2010) and various other pieces of legislation mean that at times you may be required to make reasonable adjustments to your assessments, and assessment methodologies, in order to remain compliant with legislation.

These adjustments may include things such as:

  • The location & time of the assessment
  • The type of assessment activity
  • Making extra software, hardware and/or specialist equipment available as/when required
  • Making support personnel available as/when required
  • Changes to wording or format

The Reasonable Adjustment process is an important consideration for any End-Point Assessment organisation, in order that you provide a high quality service to any candidate that requires reasonable adjustment to be made. IFATE has published a relevant resource on the subject which can be found here.

ACE360 is able to store individual apprentice data on the system, and allows Training Providers to request reasonable adjustments for their Apprentices as and when required.