The government takes conflict of interest very seriously and is observing EPA organisations closely, so as to ensure that the training of apprentices remains at a high standard.

If other branches of your organisation are involved in any stages of the Apprenticeship Journey -be that as EQAs, or as Training Providers- you should take time to make sure that you all follow proper procedure.

It’s generally considered best practice for your organisation to not be assessing the same standards you’re trying to deliver, so as to manage and mitigate any potential conflicts of interest.

Word of warning! There has to be a clear separation of roles and responsibilities between different arms of your organisation. Your employees and your policies will need to be developed and operate independently of each other, so as to abide by the standards set forth by the government.

ACE360 allows for communication and management of data between different parts of your organisation, while allowing you to adhere to all relevant GDPR regulations.