Whether it is through digital or traditional marketing, promotion is important. Your future customers will need to become familiar with your brand before they’re willing to entrust their apprentices to your care. Building sufficient brand awareness takes time and effort, and the sooner you get started, the sooner you can reap the rewards.

Something to note – your choice of Apprenticeship Management System plays an important part on how your brand is perceived by the market. The ACE360 EPA process is well-known and trusted the industry.

While you are encouraged to directly promote your End-Point assessment service to employers, you must only do this once you are approved for the register and only for the standard and assessment plan you are registered to assess against.

You can also promote your organisation through various EPA and LinkedIn groups, which you can use in order to discover possible networking opportunities with potential key industry stakeholders. Make sure to tag ACE360 and we’ll do our bit to help.

Now that you have completed reading our guide, you may still have questions.

Your ACE360 Acccount Manager would be delighted to help you, contact them here.