A key component of starting out as an EPAO is identifying which apprenticeships you want to assess. Not all standards are made equal, and some apprenticeships are more in line with your business plan than others.

A good starting point is the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education Standards table, which can provide additional information about standards, both released and currently in development. However, quite often the Assessment Plans can be complicated and confusing – ACE360 hosts the full database of standards and we have broken them down into their key gateway components and end-point point assessment components, detailing the requirements of each part.

Market Research - EPAOs

The Apprenticeship Standards market is constantly evolving – there are new standards being created all the time, and in some cases there are urgent demands for end-point assessment.

As of 1st October 2019 the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) will not fund apprentices to start on a new standard until an End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) has given an ‘in principle’ commitment to deliver the EPA – you can find a link to the relevant ESFA information page here.

The ESFA also provides a list of standards and opportunities available for EPA – you can use this resource to see details of each standard, the number of EPAOs in your region, and to find out which Apprenticeship Standards you may be interested in assessing. Becoming a successful EPAO can be easy if you take the right steps– do your research, establish a fair and competitive price and carve out a niche for your organisation.

Once you’re all set-up, your ACE360 Account Manager can support you by ensuring that you are ready to accept candidate registrations from your Training Providers from day one – why not start a conversation with an ACE360 Account Manager now – email them today.