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2FA Security

5 Reasons Why You Should Enable 2FA on ACE360 In today’s digital landscape, securing sensitive information and managing user access effectively is paramount. ACE360, leading the way as the UK’s top EPA Management solution, offers a robust platform for managing apprenticeship assessments. However, to ensure the highest level of security and user access management, enabling […]

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Request Evidence

ACE360 is excited to share a development within the system that allows EPAO’s to request evidence from a learner for any EPA components. This can be used for Project components where the apprentice has to upload work for an assessor to review as part of the End-Point Assessment.  This feature also had built in functionality

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ACE360 Resits

With the introduction of “Component Resits”, End Point Assessment Organisations now have full control over the way they process repeat EPA attempts. Some Assessment Plans allow individual EPA components to be repeated in the same EPA window, so we have introduced “Component Resits” to give better control and visibility of resit activity. There are now

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EPA Retakes

EPA Retakes ACE360 has an updated ‘EPA Retakes’ feature that now allows EPAO’s to take control of the retake process. This process has been made easy within ACE360 and allows an EPAO to review gateway components and request new evidence to be uploaded to ensure that new evidence is being provided. This process now allows

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Editing Organisational Information

Editing Organisational Information ACE360 makes editing organisational information easy for both EPAOs and Providers. This ensures that details are kept up to date and accurate, such as; Company Name Address Telephone Number Email Address This is to ensure that the EPAO’s you’re connected with as a provider, can see the correct details and who to

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