ACE360 Assessment Introduction

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ACE360 Assessment Introduction

ACE360 have partnered with ROGO to create ACE360 Assessment. End-Point Assessment Organisations or Providers who want to add the features such as; testing, online e-learning, course management and portfolios can benefit from ACE360 Assessment as a group discounted rate.

As a charity, our fees for ACE360 Assessments are shared amongst our partners and users to enable them to make the following savings.

1) Setup and Training – £500.00
2) Reduced Monthly fees based on global ACE360 users

For example a provider with 50 – 100 tests per month, will have less than 100 users. This means they would normally pay £3.90 per user, however with ACE360 providers and EPAOs combined, we may have 8,000 unique users, meaning you only pay £1.40 per unique user. The minimum fee for an EPAO is 50 users and with time and volume would reduce this to a price per unique user.

For more information on pricing please get in touch with our team via email.

ACE360 Assessment pricing is based on number of Unique Users accessing ACE360 Assessments each month. A Unique User may be an individual Assessor, student, administrator, client employee, etc. Many unique users may be registered on ACE360 Assessments, but costs would only be triggered when one of these Unique Users logged in and used the system, whether to view a practice test, take an assessment, create, review, delete items, tests, etc. It doesn’t matter how many times a unique user accesses ACE360 Assessments within the month, we still class it as one unique user.

An implementation fee is charged to cover: initial set up, initial training, customisation and branding of ACE360 Assessment to mirror client design specification, API/LTI integration with other systems (such as a candidate management systems, etc). This fee is calculated on the amount of customisation required to enable client systems to share data with ACE360 Assessments, numbers and location of staff to undertake training and any other support required.

We hope this knowledge base article has helped you understand ACE360 assessment introduction. Still looking for help? Why not take a look at our Youtube channel? It’s full of useful resources too! Click here.

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