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ACE360 Email Notification

ACE360 Releases New Notification Feature

The introduction of our new Email Notification Feature brings a new level of experience to ACE360 Users.

It allows any user the ability to specify the notifications they receive.  All users get this new function which means anyone connected to an ACE360 account across training provider and EPAOs gets immediate notice of the things that matter to them.

For instance, an assessor that logs in periodically might want to know when an Apprentice is put on a “Break in Leaning”, or when a “Reasonable Adjustment” is accepted.  

And a Training Coordinator or Manager might want to know when Gateway has been rejected, or if the apprentice has been issued with an overall grade.

For administrators they might be interested in activity relating to appeals, or when there is a new organisation connection pending or accepted.

There are many more examples, on launch 38 activities will be available to select.

To access the new Notifications Control Panel, select “Activity” from the left main menu.

Scroll the list of available notification types on the left had side, select any that you would like to receive as an email notification, you have a choice of hourly, daily, and weekly.

You can select up to 3 notification types for hourly, 5 for daily and 10 for weekly*.

* This limit may be increased following launch depending on user feedback and server utilisation.

Where hourly is selected, the email will be sent on the hour and will contain a digest of the selected activities, one email with a list of events that took place, if there were no events then no notification is sent.

Daily notifications are sent at 6am each morning and weekly on a Monday at 6am.

Each notification email contains a list of all the events chosen by the user, these are separated into the various categories and have hyperlinks to the relevant Apprentice record or related feature.

Tip – While logged into ACE360 in one window, review the ACE360 notification email and click on any of the embedded links to automatically see the detail within ACE360.

Each user can specify the email address where they would like to receive their ACE360 notifications.  By default, this is the email address connected with the user’s account.

Tip – If the email address field is empty then notifications will be paused, this could be useful when you are on leave.

Tip – A common admin user account notification could be useful for tracking specific actions across ACE360.

For admin users only

If you are an ‘Admin’ user, you can tailor aspects of all notifications that are sent on behalf of your organisation.

Upload an image to display on all notifications, ideally your organisation logo.  This allows the recipients of ACE360 to immediately recognise the organisation that it relates to.

You can also add a custom email footer, up to 2, 000 characters where you can add any further detail such as support contact details.  This can be an email or hyperlink** to an external site.

** Visibility of email and hyperlinks will be dependant on the individual user’s email client


We are also working on the ability to provide visibility of new notifications when logged into ACE360, so that users can see in real-time any activity they might need to know about.  This will be in the form of a persistent bell icon top right of the ACE360 screen, it will indicate the number of new notifications, provide a preview, and click through to the detail in the activity log.

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