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Adding Users

Users refer to Admin Users, these are people who work for your organisation who you would like to
have access to ROGO.

To add a user, to the Admin > System setup and click on the “Add” under the users section of the system setup heading.

Disabling User Access

There are two ways to disable a users, you can either remote their permissions which will keep their record active allowing them to enrol on courses, or you can disable their entire record which will prevent them from logging in completely. To disable their record, you need to go into their profile and click on disable.

To do this, use the search function in the system to search the user name. Click into their profile and select the disable option.

When using the search function, you can search the following;

  • Number
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address

Alternatively, to search all individuals you can put the * in any filter and this will bring up all of the user accounts.

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