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Booking Tool Calendar

Booking Tool Calendar

ACE360 has a built-in calendar to improve visibility for Admin users for both Providers and EPAO Admins and Assessors. The calendar has been designed to provide users of the tool with key information aligned to Apprentice bookings with features such as filters on a number of topics including:

  • Booking Status
  • Attached LTP/EPAO (Depending on your business)
  • Assigned Assessor (EPAO use only)
  • Standard
  • Standard EPA Component

All the above should result in clear visibility of where your Apprentices are up to in their booking journey and removing any feeling of understanding the EPA booking process.

To view the calendar, click on the “Booking Tool” icon in the Menu panel on the left-hand side. Next click the “View Calendar”.

This will bring the Calendar up for you to review. Within the calendar you’re able to adjust the view from Month, Week, Day and a List view. As well as being able to move either forward or back through months, weeks etc. to analyse all of your historic bookings.

The calendar all the bookings are colour coded to support with understanding the various stages an Apprentice is up to.

At any time you click on the booking, the status will be displayed at the top of the booking to help you understand the stage an Apprentice is at.

Need more help? Click here to watch some helpful Youtube video tutorials that our friendly team have recorded.

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