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Certification Errors

ACE360 allows all users to view any errors when it comes to certification. The certification process is an important part of an Apprentices journey and ACE360 has provided visibility on all key areas of certification, this includes errors.

This feature has been built into ACE360 to allow EPAO’s and Providers to view any errors and promotes the communication between the two user groups to work together to resolve the issue and ensure the certificate can be claimed for an Apprentice.

To view this new feature, simply click on either the EPA results tile on the dashboard or use the filter options in the apprentice record section of ACE360.

For more information on how to use the filter options, please click here.

Next, select the Apprentice you wish to view and go to the certificate tab. Here you will be able to view the errors that may have resulted in the certificate being delayed and not claimed.

For information on certificate errors within ACE360, please click here. To view helpful YouTube tutorials by the ACE360 team, click here.

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