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Create a Standard

Create a Standard

ACE360 Assessments allows a user to create and add a new standard into the system. This will allow the user to create course material or assessments and share with an apprentice who is going through EPA or reviewing any material that will support them with their EPA.

To create a standard, please click on the admin button in the top right of the screen, and then create add new standard.

Once this is been clicked a new section will appear that will as for the following information:

  • Name – The name of the standard that will appear on the apprentices home screen. Please ensure that you include the ST code after the standard name
  • Code – ST code of the standard, as this supports with the connection with ACE360
  • Category – This standard could fall under an existing course however, a new category can be created
  • Type – Choose the type of course you would like to create, Test Engine/Online Course (we recommend online course that allows the apprentice to have a unique portal upon login)
  • Welcome Email – Email that is sent to the apprentice when they enrol and are added to the system. This is optional however, you can take advantage of this feature to customise your welcome messages
  • Default Length in Months – Tells the system how long you want to allow an apprentice to take tests on this course.

Finally, click save and this new standard will be added to your home screen. Here you will be able to customise various elements of the course, including emails and welcome messages, along with creating assessments and guidance material.

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