Draft Bookings – Pre-Gateway

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Draft Bookings – Pre-Gateway

Draft Bookings – Pre-Gateway

ACE360’s booking tool allows users to draft bookings – pre-gateway by booking End-Point Assessments – whether that be a specific date or Apprentices. This feature allows users to create draft bookings well in advance of EPA to ensure that venues, equipment or specialist assessors are available to conduct the End-Point Assessment.

The booking on ACE360 will show as a draft booking and won’t be able to be confirmed until the apprentice has passed through gateway, however, the time can be booked out well in advance to ensure the EPA can run smoothly. This now allows future bookings to be managed, tracked and monitored within the booking tool to support users.

To use this feature, click on the booking tool and click the “Create a Booking” button. The first option you will be presented with is selecting an Apprentice, however, you will now notice an “Allow Draft Bookings” check box, by clicking this you will be able to select Apprentices that are not yet in Gateway. You can also “create a draft booking” button on the apprentice profile.

Assessment Date Bookings – Bookings without an Apprentice

To progress to booking time out rather than an individual or group of Apprentices, simply click next without selecting an Apprentice from the first stage of the booking. You will then be asked what standard and component this will be for. Please note the standards list will be pulled from the standards section of ACE360 and will only show standards you have indicated you can deliver.

Next, you will be asked to provide any additional information, this can be changed at a later date when adding Apprentices. Once you get to step 4, you will be asked how many to input the volume of Apprentices you may want to add to the booking, as well as selecting the Provider you work with by clicking on their name. Finally, you can then select the date of the assessment as per usual.

Once submitted you will be able to assign an assessor or view the booking by selecting the steps you would like to take next.

To edit the booking in future and add the apprentices please click here to see how to edit.

Draft Booking for an Apprentice

As well as being able to draft book dates and the potential volume of apprentices. The booking tool also allows a user to put a draft booking in for an individual or group of Apprentices.

This process is the same as what is mentioned above, however rather than not selecting an apprentices name after clicking draft booking. Simply click on an Apprentice you would like to make the draft booking for and follow the same steps as highlighted above.

Once this process has been completed, all draft bookings will appear in your booking tool data with a Pending “Draft” status.

Within the all booking section of ACE360, you can also use the filter option to view draft bookings once they have been created. To do this simply click the filter button and check the draft bookings checklist.

For more information on the booking tool and to use this feature as an EPAO, please contact our team via email.

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