Setting Unavailable Future Dates

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Setting Unavailable Future Dates

Setting Unavailable Future Dates

ACE360 allows End-Point Assessors to block their availability out within the booking tool, making it even easier to show when someone may be on leave or training through setting unavailable future dates. This feature allows Super Admin’s and Admins to see when an assessor has indicated they aren’t available for assessments, along with supporting the assessors with keeping all information aligned to End-Point Assessment in one easy-to-manage place.

To use this new feature as an End-Point Assessor you firstly need to click on the booking tool and then the view calendar button. Once in the calendar, there will be a button which says “Show Future Unavailability”. This is how an assessor an then update there days when they are not available.

By clicking the “Show Future Unavailability” this will show all the days that have been blocked out in the system for the End-Point Assessor to see, as well as appearing in the booking tool when allocating Assessors. To add future dates simple click the blue plus sign.

How to remove unavailability

These dates can be updated by adding a new set of dates or they can be deleted by clicking on the correct day and confirming that you would like the leave/training to be cancelled within ACE360.

Add Unavailability

To add future unavailability within the booking tool, first, click the “Add Unavailability” button. Here you will be able to select the from and to dates and provide the reason why you are unavailable, this is an option however, it’s best practice to include the reason so that your Super Admin’s and admins can see why you have set yourself has unavailable.

Once the reason and date have been added, please click the add button and this will appear on the show unavailable dates screen.

To ensure that you’re availability for all assessments is correctly set up you will need to add the regions and dates that you’re able to conduct End-Point Assessments. To view how this is done, please click here.

Resource View

This will ensure that you aren’t missing out on bookings and that you’re showing as available to your Super Admins/Admins when bookings are being allocated. At any point in time within the calendar, you will be able to view not only the End-Point Assessments that have been allocated but check on your availability through this area.

To do this, simply click on the “View Calendar” button within the booking tool and once there, click the “Show Future Availability” button.

This will show all bookings that have been made and this will also be visible to Super Admins when allocations are being made. Any dates that have been set to unavailable will appear with a blue shade in the date box, by clicking the three dots in the bottom right this will show you at all times what each colour means within the resource view.

Within this view, you will also be able to view all Apprentice that have been allocated to you, as well as the status and booking date the assessment is going to take place. To accept click here for more information and reject bookings please click here for more information.

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