Share Bookings with Non-ACE360 Users

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Share Bookings with Non-ACE360 Users

Share Bookings with Non-ACE360 Users

ACE360 allows it’s users to connect to their customers who may not have access to the system. EPAO Super Admin and Admin users are able to share bookings with non-ace360 users, this will summarise the details within the booking to ensure employers/providers are up to date.

As an EPAO Super Admin/Admin, you’re able to confirm details of a booking to an individual who is not an ACE360 user. For instance a contact at the employers premises where the assessment will take place, this saves any ACE360 user time when create bookings and avoids the need to send information out via email as this can all be done within ACE360.

To use this new feature, first click into a booking that is either in the Pending, EPAO Action Required or Confirmed status within the booking tool. Next, use to the “Manage Booking” button in the top right corner of the screen and click “Share Booking”.

A pop-up box will then appear on screen asking which email you would like to share the booking with, as well as being able to view who the booking has been shared with recently. Simply type the email address of the individual you would like to share the booking with and click the “Share Booking” button.

The share booking pop up will then disappear and a message will appear telling you that your email is in the process of being sent. To view the recent shares, simply click back to the Share Booking option in manage booking and you will be able to see the date, time, recipient and which user from your business shared the booking.

Please note that only one email can be added at a time however, you able to share the booking multiple times with various customers/employers. The email will be sent to the user and will appear as below. The email will contain key information from the booking such as assessment date and any additional notes that have been input into the booking.

Any changes that are made to the booking information such as additional notes will automatically be sent to the customers this has been shared with previously.

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