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Get Started with ACE360

Thank you for choosing ACE360 as your EPA management system, this guide will cover how to get signed into the system for the first time and what information will be sent by ACE360’s support team. To complete your account please click here to be sent a link to sign up.

Please follow the below steps to start your ACE360 journey and unleash its potential.

Setting up ACE360 – User Account

Note: Please note that the member of your team who sets up your organisation will automatically become the Super Admin for the organisation. This can be changed upon sign up complete and other members of your team can also be added as a Super Admin.

Step 1

Upon completing the get started section on the ACE360 website, you will receive the below email

When you receive the email, please click on the “Complete Account Setup” button or simply copy the link at the bottom of the email and paste this within your chosen browser.

Step 2

Once you have followed the steps within the email above, you will be presented with the below;

Please follow the 3 steps to create your ACE360 account. You will be required to enter your own details and set a password for your account.

Once complete, you will need to provide your Organisations details, including your UKRPRN as seen below;

Note: If your UKPN is not automatically verified by the system, a warning message will be displayed. If this does appear please contact the ACE360 Support Team for assistance via email or call 0300 303 4444

Finally, you will need to read and accept the displayed ACE360 Terms of Use

Once you have completed the above steps, you will now be logged into the system.

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