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Test Session Creation

Once a standard has been created, you will now be able to start creating the course and test material. To recap on how to create a standard please click here.

To start the process of creating an test/assessment, click the view button on the chosen assessment and click new chapter. this will allow you to input information such as naming the assessment. Once complete, the new chapter will now appear in the standard home screen.

Next, click on view on the new chapter which has been created, once this chapter has been opened you will have the option to do the following;

  • Adjust where this sits on the course screen (Main Column or Right-Hand Column)
  • New Material – this could be resources, guidance material, assessment plans etc.
  • New Assessment – this will be the section that allows for test/assessment creation

Once view has been clicked on the new chapter, click the new assessment button. This will open the new assessment window.

Within this section, you can customise the assessment with the following information;

  • Time allowance
  • Remote Proctoring
  • Test screen options – Navigation, section flagging, notepad, on-screen calculator etc.
  • Marking and Result settings
  • Assessment welcome message
  • Check answers screen
  • Completed message

We hope our latest Knowledge Base piece has helped you understand test session creation. Still looking for help? Why not check out our helpful resources available on Youtube… Click here!

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