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    Certificate Claim Date

    Have you always wanted to view when a certificate has been claimed for an apprentice and when? Well, ACE360 truly is the gift that keeps on giving this December.

    You can now view this information within an apprentices profile, and have greater visibility of claims than ever before. ACE360 has a direct link to the ESFA Gateway Portal and not only makes claiming automated, but it pulls through the information we all want to see when an apprentice has completed there EPA components.

    With this new feature you will be able to update your apprentices with information on the certificate as ACE360 not only shows allows you to see the certificate claim. You can also see when the certificate was claimed and this will be displayed in the certificate tab for an apprentice.

    We hope this gift brings peace of mind, whilst also keeping you up to date with not only a timer but this wonderful new feature.

    Enjoy this early Christmas gift one and all!

    This post was written by Mark Fitzgerald

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