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    One of the most important elements of an apprentice’s journey following the completion of End-Point Assessment is certification. This is a key aspect to celebrate the apprentice’s achievement for all the amazing work they have put into their work, as well as a recognition of how well our customers have also done from the onboarding to a provider, trainers, compliance, and quality teams. As well as the EPA teams that make EPA possible.

    It’s only right that our customers have an overview of how the certificate is progress. Well, our new feature on ACE360 allows customers to view a countdown to when a certificate will be claimed. This will be available on the apprentice’s profile under the certificate tab.

    No other system on the market allows it’s customers to track the certificate claim and certificate reference number in such as easy manner like ACE360.

    We hope with this update, it will support you in answering a very common question.

    When will my certificate be sent to me?

    You can now answer that question with more accuracy than ever before by using the new feature in the video below.

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