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    Whether you are a Training Provider or an Assessment Organisation, there is one critical milestone in the apprentice’s journey – Gateway!

    If Gateway isn’t planned well in advance there is a danger that the apprentice won’t be prepared and will be rejected; in addition if the EPAO doesn’t have sufficient notice then they may not have sufficient capacity to deliver the EPA when it’s needed.

    So planning is essential, but ACE360 makes the process easy by prompting you at every step of the way to ensure an EPAO is attached well in advance, and by reminding the training provider to maintain accurate expected gateway dates.

    Whether we like it or not, plans change which means that apprentices can progress more quickly or slowly than we expect. In ACE360 training providers can amend the expected gateway date at any time, and if the date doesn’t look right ACE360 gives users a nudge to review and amend the date.

    Our booking and scheduling tool now makes full use of this information, when a booking is being scheduled the user can see the “EPAO Registered date” and the date the apprentice was “approved for EPA”. This helps assessment organisations to prioritise apprentices that have been in active EPA the longest, but it also lets them know how much notice they were given.

    Managing resources at end point assessment can be the most challenging part of an apprentices journey, but now you can be assured that ACE360 is working hard in the background to ensure target dates are accurate and resources are available when the apprentice is ready for their end point assessment.

    This post was written by Mark Fitzgerald

    Mark Fitzgerald

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