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    Total starts as of 14/06/18 are 261,200, down from 362,000 starts in the same period last year. A reduction of 101,200 starts – 28% down on this time last year.

    Although there appears to be no immediate recovery in site, as levy paying employers have up to 2 years to use their levy funds there could be significant up- turn during 19/20. Given it has been a major reform, the levy has only been in place since May 2017,  and there are still some 250+ new Apprenticeship standards in development it’s probably worth giving the reforms another 6- 12 months to come to fruition.

    How it breaks down:

    105,000 starts are on new Standards and of these 65,700 are levy supported – 63% levy funded

    156,200 starts are on Frameworks and of these 55,700 are levy supported  -36% levy funded

    In total 46% of all new Apprenticeship starts are levy supported.

    Framework starts account for 60% of all starts this year and

    Standard starts account for 40% of all starts this year.

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