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    Ace360 truly is the gift that keeps on giving, with our new release we have made making bookings for EPA even easier.

    Some of the recent developments on the booking tool have been focused around making this feature more user friendly, with our newest update to the tool we hope you agree with this statement.

    Not only can you now make a booking from within the apprentice’s record and view that information in the booking list that is created. We have now also made a change within the booking tool by changing the location of the “Create a Booking ” button. This now sits at the top of the booking tool meaning you no longer have to click into the “All Bookings” tab to make the booking.

    Sometimes it’s the smallest of changes that are the best, we do hope with this change you will find making bookings quicker as we have cut out a step in the process for customers who have the tool.

    If you’re interested in finding out more about how the booking tool can support your business and make arranging assessments simply yet effective. Please get in touch with Megan Heely – for more information on the Booking Tool.


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