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    ACE360, Travelling at the Speed of Light

    Whether you’re uploading gateway evidence or carrying out an assessment, every second counts.  The design philosophy behind ACE360 has always been to create a seamless system that progresses an apprentice through the gateway to their final grade will as little friction as possible.  By optimising every action, we can shave off seconds, minutes and hours in administration time leaving you more time to do what you do best; train and assess apprentices.

    Recent ACE360 developments such as drag and drop multiple files, creating a booking with fewer clicks or allowing the certificate to be posted to a designated address are all examples of time savers, there are many more.

    But some are hidden away and work in the background to reduce the time you spend on administration.  We have released an optimised version of ACE360 which looks and behaves in the same way only quicker.  By caching files at the right time and reducing data traffic, we have sped up the main apprentice table and related search and filter functions.  Practically it means that the data sent and received has been reduced by X times.  So on slower connections, you won’t be left hanging around waiting for the information you need.

    In addition, we have done some work on video file optimisation.  With the increase in remote assessment, ACE360 users are making greater use of video evidence captured during online meetings and from smart devices.  The size of video files is often way bigger than they need to be to see and hear the observation clearly.  A 10-minute video file uploaded at HD or 4K is much larger than it needs to be, so our clever developers have designed a process that automatically compresses video files automatically leaving the optimised version on ACE360.  This means that videos will play or download almost immediately rather than having to wait for ages on slow connections.

    So if you are on a superfast broadband connection and never have to wait for content to be served, please ignore this, but for the rest of us, you can be assured the ACE360 team is working night and day to reduce the time you spend on administration.

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