When is the Ofqual closing date? Blog piece by ACE360

When Is The Ofqual Closing Date?

Our team have been busy back and forth between the office, client visits and some exciting conferences recently. It’s not just us that have been busy though, so too are the End-Point Assessment Organisations in our network who have been preparing their reports for Ofqual!  

The Certification Chronicles

Certification is one of the most important aspects of an apprentice’s journey. With ACE360 you can see the certification reference and when the certificate was claimed and keep track of the time it will take for a certificate to be claimed, all this can be done with ease with ACE360.

It’s the Final Countdown

One of the most important elements of an apprentice’s journey following the completion of End-Point Assessment is certification. This is a key aspect to celebrate the apprentice’s achievement for all the amazing work they have put into their work, as well as a recognition of how well our customers have also done from the onboarding to a provider, trainers, compliance, and quality teams. As well as the EPA teams that make EPA possible.

Save the date…

Recent updates on ACE360 have been focused on speed and efficiency, well this one follows that trend along with ensuring that your data is accurate, and all information is as up to date as possible.

Jingle all the way to Gateway

If Gateway isn’t planned well in advance there is a danger that the apprentice won’t be prepared and will be rejected; in addition if the EPAO doesn’t have sufficient notice then they may not have sufficient capacity to deliver the EPA when it’s needed.