As we migrate into the world of Apprenticeship Standards, many of us are learning new processes as we go. As you will know, End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs) are responsible for the End Point Assessment (EPA) within Apprenticeship Standards. There are currently 159 EPAOs on the register which, for many Standards, offers a choice as to the organisation the employer can select to carry out the EPA.


While this allows for healthy competition within EPAOs and a choice for employers, it does open up complexity and confusion for those involved within the Apprenticeships. End Point Assessment is not an on demand facility and EPAOs need to be made aware of the Apprentices as early as possible within their learning. As part of the ACE360 sign up process we have become aware of many Apprentices due for EPA during the next 3 months but the EPAO remains as unknown.


As a provider using ACE360 you will be able to connect an Apprentice record to an EPAO from the beginning of the Apprenticeship or when a decision has been made by the employer as to who the EPAO will be. There are notifications to remind you if you have not selected an EPAO for an Apprentice within 6 months of the Apprentices expected end date to ensure you create the link for the EPAO.


EPAOs using ACE360 will have a view of all the Apprentices connected to them. This will allow them to see key information such as the Standard and expected end date, allowing them to foreplan the work ensuring that they have Assessors available.


This means that when the Apprentice is ready for EPA there will be no delay as everyone will be aware of the requirements in advance.


Yvonne Ryan

ACE360 Manager

The Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards



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