Find answers for the most frequently asked questions on ACE360, from adding apprentice records to resits and costs for EPAOs and LTPs.

Why ACE360?2018-11-21T12:30:10+00:00

ACE360 does what it says on the tin – we have no hidden costs and our features aim to make your life easier. Don’t like using our system? Don’t worry, there are no strings attached! Our pay as you go approach allows organisations to work at their own pace, so why not try out our software today?

Who decides the processes / systems that we have to use?2018-11-21T12:32:40+00:00

The End-Point Assessment Organisations will let you know how they wish to receive the information from you. This could mean you may have several different ways of sending information, through different bespoke system. As a customer though you have a great deal of influence over the process. ACE360 ensures that there is one standard approach to sending gateway information across and receiving EPA information for individual candidates on Apprenticeship Standards.

Who chooses the EPAOs that training providers work with?2018-11-21T12:32:26+00:00

The End Point Assessment Organisations available to select are determined by the standard and the current list of End Point Assessment Organisations on the ESFA register which can be accessed here:

As the End-Point Assessment market becomes more and more competitive, employers and training providers have greater choice in selecting an End Point Assessment Organisation. Our system makes this change in industry more manageable.

Who can use ACE360?2018-11-07T16:37:39+00:00

The system has been developed to cater for the administration needs of Apprenticeship Training Providers, Assessment Organisations, Employers, Quality Assurance Bodies and the Apprentice themselves. All partners involved in the delivery of an Apprenticeship Standard can use ACE360 to view a shared Apprenticeship Record.

Where can I get more information about the Apprenticeship standards?2018-11-21T12:35:21+00:00

ACE360 holds the comprehensive list of standards, and we have carefully selected all the key information that you will need. To see the standards and associated assessment plans in full you can, click here.

What is ACE360?2019-02-05T12:50:14+00:00

ACE360 is an Apprenticeship Management IT system that enables you to manage Apprenticeship Standards delivery efficiently, securely and paper-free. It links into your Learner Management System to ensure that data is accurate and joined up. It covers the whole Apprenticeship journey, from enrolment to certification. For more information see our Features page.

What happens if my EPAO is changed, do I need to pay another fee to add the apprentice record?2018-11-21T12:34:41+00:00

No – contact us and we can change the assignment of the End Point Assessment Organisation free of charge.

What happens if I am working with a supporting training provider can they access information?2018-11-21T12:33:18+00:00

Yes- When you activate an ACE360 account you are able to set different permission levels which mean that any supporting or subcontracting provider an access ONLY the records that you give them access to.

What happens if I am asked to share information with an EPAO, in a method that I feel is insecure and could breach GDPR?2018-11-21T12:33:09+00:00

Get them to use ACE360. It is your responsibility to ensure candidate information is shared in a way that ensures that you are GDPR compliant and ACE360 can ensure this.

The report I want isn’t available, can you help with that?2018-11-21T12:34:53+00:00

As the ACE360 system develops and subject to user feedback we want to ensure that you are able to access all of the information you need to your job as effectively as possible. If there isn’t an existing report, let us know the information you require for the report and we will be able to provide the information in password protected EXCEL or CSV format.

Is data held securely and GDPR compliant?2018-11-21T12:29:10+00:00

ACE360 is hosted in a secure data warehouse in the UK.  We ensure that organisations using ACE360 are approved to support Apprenticeship Standard training and assessment.  Each user that is invited to use ACE360 has a defined role which ensures they can only access the information that they need to undertake their role.  Our systems are regularly penetration tested and maintained in line with industry-wide data security best practice. ACE360 complies with all relevant legislation including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

I need some additional support, can you help?2018-11-21T12:35:09+00:00

Feedback on the system is that it is very user friendly, if you need extra help, contact our help desk team who will be able to offer support and guidance. We can also arrange a webinar familiarisation session or a site visit.

I have video/telephone recordings, can I upload these?2018-11-21T12:33:52+00:00

Yes, you can upload MP4/MP3 Files. You can also upload multiple files which means you could have a transcript and recording. There is also functionality to add notes if you want to draw particular reference to a part within the film/recording/document.

I am moving over to ACE360 and have lots of apprentice records to add. Can this be done in bulk or must they be added one by one?2019-09-24T12:52:45+00:00

There are a few ways that apprentice records can be added to ACE360. If you work with a learner management system such as PICS, this can be integrated with ACE360. Alternatively you can request our bulk upload form, for 5 learners or more, fill it in and password protect it for GDPR compliance. Contact us for a copy of the form.


I am an HEI just delivering an Apprenticeship standard with an integrated End-Point assessment. Do I need ACE360?2018-11-21T12:35:35+00:00

If you only intend to deliver one or a few Apprenticeship standards with integrated End-Point assessments you may feel that your internal systems can readily and securely exchange information on Gateway.

Although as the Apprenticeship standards market matures and HEIs have a combination of integrated and non-integrated degree apprenticeships, using ACE360 will reduce bureaucracy and also ensure separation between staff involved in the teaching and those involved in assessment only of apprentices.

ACE360 also pre-checks existing qualifications which means gateway evidence such as English and maths can be pre-populated thereby saving time and reducing administrative errors.

I am an HEI delivering End-Point Assessment. Do I need ACE360?2018-11-21T12:35:51+00:00

As an HEI delivering EPA you may be working with a number of both HE institutions and / or FE Colleges, each of these will have their own internal data systems and learner management systems.

ACE360 will provide a single portal for you to collect all the information on individual apprentices, help you to plan the pipeline of apprentices coming through for assessment and will reduce the burden of dealing with multiple different systems. ACE360 will also ensure that you remain GDPR compliant and reduce cost and human error in the exchange of learner information.

How will it integrate with our Learner Management System (LMS?)2018-11-07T16:38:24+00:00

Data can be uploaded from your existing LMS using approved APIs, allowing ACE360 to read and write data to your LMS. We’re developing additional APIs for popular LMS systems so please contact us to find out more.

How much does it cost?2018-11-07T16:37:23+00:00

ACE360 is free of charge for the majority of users. There is no setup cost, license or support fee. The only cost is a £5 (plus VAT) fee per Apprentice payable by the organisation first creating the Apprentice record.

How many users can I have?2018-11-21T12:34:05+00:00

As many as you like! Separate roles can be assigned for each user with varying levels of access also.

How do I set up an account?2018-11-07T16:37:55+00:00

The Lead Training Provider/Employer Provider will set up an ACE360 account and invite partners for instance, on programme training coordinators and End Point Assessment Organisations to join in order to manage the Apprenticeship record.

If you are a training provider visit our log in page to sign up and start using ACE360. We’ll ask for details of your Accounts department to ensure that your organisational account is fully set up.

Do I only need to use one End-Point Assessment Organisation per Apprenticeship Standard?2018-11-21T12:31:04+00:00

No, and this is becoming more and more apparent, it may be that your chosen End Point Assessment Organisation does not have the resource in that area or an employer has requested you work with a particular End Point Assessment Organisation for their standards. So it is possible that a training provider will work with more than one EPAO per standard.

Can my training co-ordinators and Assessors add gateway information direct to the apprentice record?2018-11-21T12:33:40+00:00

Yes- You control the access that each individual member of staff has which will allow them to identify just their own students and add information to their records, such as evidence / qualifications that demonstrate they are gateway ready.

Are there any ongoing subscription costs?2018-11-21T12:34:25+00:00


Are there any hidden charges?2018-11-21T12:30:50+00:00

We are a charity with charitable intent; this is why we have no hidden charges and no catches. Our system is priced fairly and accessible to all. Our interests lie in the support and development of the industry and not commercial gain.

A candidate has failed their EPA and I need to request a resit. Can I do this on ACE360?2019-09-24T12:49:36+00:00

Resits can be managed through ACE360. The training provider can request a resit by opening the apprentice record and clicking request resit. The EPAO will then consider the resit request and has the option to accept or reject the resit request.


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