End-Point Assessment Organisations

Connect to Training Providers and manage End Point Assessments all in one place.

ACE360 is:

  • An industry-wide Apprenticeship management system that enables you to manage Apprenticeship Standards efficiently, securely, and paper free.
  • An integrated Apprenticeship Standards management tool for all organisations delivering Apprenticeships, from learner enrolment through to Apprenticeship assessment.
  • Completely impartial, designed in conjunction with industry partners to ensure needs of the sector are met, and is compliant with all relevant regulations.
  • The perfect way to seamlessly receive  learner records from your training providers, see their progress against their Standard, with managed End Point Assessment component tools built in.
End Point Assessment Organisations

FREE for End-Point Assessment Organisations

  • No set up fee or ongoing subscription costs for End Point Assessment Organisations
  • Add unlimited team members and allocate roles.
  • Integrates with existing Learner Management Systems (LMS) and Management Information Systems (MIS), so your customers save time.
  • Complete integration from learner enrolment through to Apprenticeship assessment, using standardised file formats between bodies.

Clarity and Accuracy

  • Identify future demand for your EPA services.
  • Provides a clear view of Apprentice progress against the Standard, with managed EPA component assessment tools built in.
  • Audit trail of assessment decisions, supporting evidence, verification sampling and confirmed grades/fail decisions.
  • A comprehensive database of ALL Apprenticeship Standards at Gateway and EPA component level.
  • Bespoke Standards with a ‘knowledge base’; publish articles and link them to specific Gateway and EPA components to provide your customers with clarity during assessment.
  • Confirm qualification achievement at source via a data link with the Learner Records System.
  • Easy communications with Employers, Training Providers and External Quality Assurance Organisations with automatic alerts of assessment achievements and overall grades.
End Point Assessment Organisations Features

Integrated process

  • Workflows, notifications and reporting are built in so that you won’t miss an action.
  • Compliance with GDPR data legislation and industry standards.
  • External Quality Assurance Organisation data requirements are covered.
  • Integration with ESFA certification returns, ensuring that Apprentices receive their final award.

Easy set up

  • Sign up in an instant and receive a personalised one to one webinar set up session to help your organisation manage apprenticeship delivery easily.
  • Helpdesk support from our industry-leading team, which was rated the #1 benefit of choosing ACE360.
  • Free to use – no charge for End Point Assessment Organisations.
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End Point Assessment FAQs

What Is End Point Assessment?

End Point Assessment is a crucial component for all apprentices on the new apprenticeship standards and is required at the end of each course.

When learning is complete, each learner is put forward for End Point Assessment, otherwise known as an independent assessment which tests whether the learner has met the several knowledge, skills and behaviour components (KSBs) required within each standard. Following EPA, each apprentice will receive a grade and a pass or fail decision.

How Is End Point Assessment Conducted?

End Point Assessment is outlined in the assessment plans detailed within each Apprenticeship Standard.

The plan itself must include what’s being assessed and what assessment methods should be used – such as examinations, testing, discussions, observations in the workplace and assignments or a portfolio of work.

What is Apprenticeship Gateway?

When the apprentice in question has completed on programme learning, the apprentice, provider and the employer need to reach agreement regarding learner readiness to take EPA.

The ‘gateway’ is the moment between this agreement being made and conducting the end point assessment. Depending on the assessment and End Point Assessor availability, gateway can last anywhere between a week and a few months and therefore requires forward-planning.


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