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Lead Training Providers & Employer Providers

Manage your Apprenticeships and connect with all delivery partners

  • ACE360 is an industry-wide Apprenticeship Standards management system connecting Apprenticeship training providers with delivery partners and rich data sources.
  • ACE360 is an integrated Apprenticeship Standards management tool for all organisations delivering Apprenticeships, from learner enrolment through to Apprenticeship assessment.
  • ACE360 has been developed impartially in conjunction with industry partners to ensure it meets the needs of the sector and is compliant with all relevant regulations.

Secure Connectivity

  • Secure, cloud-based technology enabling staff to securely manage records regardless of location.
  • Add unlimited team members and allocate roles.
  • Integrates with your learner management system (LMS) to generate ACE360 records automatically.
  • Single data entry shared securely with all your Apprenticeship partners to eliminate errors and re-keying of data.

Clarity and Accuracy

  • Associate each learner with an Apprenticeship Standard to create an Apprentice training plan.
  • Select  and share records with an approved End-Point Assessment Organisation.
  • Automatic qualification verification.
  • Easy communications with Employers, training delivery partners and Assessment Organisations with automatic alerts of gateway achievements and assessment

Integrated Process

  • Monitor learner progress and completion targets.
  • Workflows, notifications and reporting are built in so that you won’t miss an action.
  • Compliance with GDPR data legislation and the industry standards.
  • Store an electronic record of the Apprenticeship Grade provided by the EPAO

Easy Set Up

  • Sign up in an instant and start using the system immediately to help your organisation manage Apprenticeship delivery easily.
  • Control partner access to records using pre-defined roles.
  • Standardised reporting and bulk uploads of data to reduce administration.
  • Helpdesk for ongoing support, which has achieved 98% satisfaction.

External Quality Assurance

Access rich data on assessment delivery and pro-actively engage with End-Point Assessment Organisations

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End-Point Assessment Organisation

Manage End-Point Assessments in one place

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Lead Training Providers and Employer Providers

Manage your Apprenticeships and connect with all delivery partners

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