Advanced Visibility on Certification Errors with the new ACE360 update

Certification is one of the most important aspects of an apprentice’s journey. With ACE360 you can see the certification reference and when the certificate was claimed and keep track of the time it will take for a certificate to be claimed, all this can be done with ease with ACE360.

Well, we have taken this a step further, with our data export you’re able to identify any errors that may hold up the certificate. This can also be viewed in an apprentice’s profile under the certificate tab, which allows you to view and resolve any errors for an apprentice.

We believe that having visibility of key information should be simple and easy to view within ACE360, this update follows the trend for this month on how to make viewing information easy and improve the user experience on ACE360.

We even ran this one past St. Nick for a second opinion and he loved it even more than a glass of milk by the chimney (his words, not ours).

For some of the more common errors please check out our knowledge base Activating the ESFA Certification API – ACE360