Thank you for booking your setup session!

Here’s what you can expect next!


  1. You will have received a confirmation email and a meeting invite in your calendarNotification ACE360
  2. You will receive a reminder 24 hours, and then 1 hour before the session
  3. The teams meeting link will be added to your calendar before the appointment starts. Some customers prefer to use a different platform like GoTo meeting, Zoom or Google Hangouts. If this is the case, send us a meeting invite with the details at the exact same time and date as your ACE360 Booking!

Account Validationvalidation ace360

Our team are currently validating your account information against the RoATP and other ESFA sources. It is important that the correct access is provided and rigid security checks are

conducted. At this point, we may contact you to let you know your organisation already has access to ACE360.

If your organisation has an ACE360 account, then you will be asked to contact a Super Admin within your organisation for access to ACE360 and training.

At the time of your Setup Session webinar ace360

You will be welcomed to a short online familiarisation and setup session with an ACE360 expert. During the online session we will ask you to share screens and we will talk you through the different sections of the system. by the end of the session, you will have set up an ACE360 account.

During the session we will cover;

  • Creating your user profile and password
  • Setting up and Selecting your Standards
  • Inviting new users (have a think about who else needs access)
  • Purchasing Tokens (have a think about how many you would need for your first session)
  • Connecting with your EPAOs or Providers
  • Your Dashboard, Knowledge Base, Activity Log and General Settings

After the sessioncustomer service ace360

We understand new systems can be daunting, but ACE360 is extremely intuitive and our users love how easy it is to use. However, it is extremely important to the Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards (FISSS) to provide excellent customer service and support.

Our commitment to you is that;

  1. We will send you follow up support documents and details discussed in the session
  2. A follow up within the first 14 days with handy tips on making the most out of ACE360
  3. A follow up 4 weeks into using ACE360
  4. Regular updates as and when new features are released
  5. Invitation to our monthly Q&A Sessions 


Larger Customers – need more help?

For our larger customers and organisations that would like more support and guidance. We offer a range of sessions that are tailored to your organisation and user group. Contact Us for more information on how our consultants can help you.