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    ACE360 are excited to announce that the EPAO 1st4sport Qualifications are on board and ready to accept Apprentice records for EPA from providers. 1st4sport understand that ACE360 not only works for them as an EPAO in providing a cost effective solution but that the system benefits the network. Offering providers, amongst many other benefits, a one system approach to Apprenticeship Standards with an inbuilt Standards database and allows all users linked to an Apprentice record to keep track of the work flow as the Apprentice progresses through their learning journey. The Federation, who have developed ACE360, are committed to all users of the system and offer top rated customer service and support.

    Janine Allen-Ager recently joined 1st4sport and is delighted to inform employers and providers alike that they are accepting Apprentices for EPA on the following Standards:

    ·   Community Activator Coach – Level 2 (ST0478)
    ·   Equine groom – Level 2 (ST0166)
    ·   Outdoor activity instructor – Level 3 (ST0479)
    ·   Senior equine groom – Level 3 (ST0167)

    Janine explains that:

    ”Standards are introducing a new exciting way of working with employers, providers and Apprentices, we offer a great deal of information and support to our connected training providers, ensuring the best results for Apprentices at EPA. ACE360 supports this ethos, allowing us to see apprentice information from early on in the apprentice journey. As a leading End Point Assessment Organisation for the above standards, 1st4sport Qualifications, can then provide on-going support and information to ensure your apprentices achieve the highest possible outcome. ACE360 allows you to view and upload the Gateway information that we require and provides a simple standardised way of organising and displaying the Apprentice information. As ACE360 is developed and designed by industry experts and the Federation for Industry Sector Skills (FISSS) we can be rest assured that the information is secure and managed by an organisation with a proven track record in Apprenticeships.”

    Register now to access ACE360, connect with 1st4sport Qualifications and start benefiting from our EPA support as early as possible.

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