With over 10 years of experience, ACE360 harnesses the knowledge and trusted track record of FISSS to provide an outstanding experience for all involved in Apprenticeship Standards. 

Leading the way in apprenticeship certification.

ACE360 is the industry-standard End-Point Assessment platform to streamline the EPA process, reduce cost, deliver efficiencies and improve quality of the assessment process for EPAOs, LTPs and Apprentices.

Our platform has been designed to meet the needs of the organisations involved in the delivery of Standards with our unique Apprenticeship data Solution. ACE360 is an Apprenticeship Management Platform launched by the Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards (FISSS), which is the designated Certifying Authority for Framework Apprenticeships in England.

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ACE360 Dedicated Scheduling and Booking Tool

ACE360 Is Powered by The Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards 

The Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards (FISSS) is a registered Charity and a not for profit Private Limited Company representing the sector skills councils in the UK.

Our aim is to advance the education of employed and unemployed individuals by promoting, organising, and delivering the development of skills across England. FISSS has 10 years of experience delivering high-quality IT solutions for the education sector through the predecessor ACE system. 

Securely Handling Your Data

With ACE360, your data is securely and professionally handled. We take this responsibility and your data very seriously. ACE360, although a cloud based system, sits behind at least two firewalls at all times with both physical and software-based protection.

We take all reasonable steps to protect your business and data at all times by maintaining:

ACE360 is not another platform. It’s the only platform.

With increased complexity and number of partner organisations, We recognise that Apprenticeship Standards could burden organisations with additional administration associated with the processing and sending/receiving of records. ACE360 resolves this issue and provides an end-to-end online solution leaving your organisation and your team with the time to deliver your role in the process without any hindrance.

With a reputation in the industry for maintaining quality and delivering efficiency, ACE360 is the only non-commercial and impartial End-Point Assessment Platform on the market, built specifically for the interests of our users.

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