Training Providers & Employer Providers

Whether you work for a training provider or employer, ACE360 makes handling your learner records straightforward and cost-effective.

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Manage your Apprentices and connect with all delivery partners, including EPAOs. 

Access rich data on assessment delivery and pro-actively engage with End-Point Assessment Organisations.

Achieve a truly connected solution for training providers, employers, and their delivery partners with access to rich data sources. Utilise an integrated Apprenticeship Standards management tool for all organisations delivering Apprenticeships — from learner enrolment through to Apprenticeship assessment — that is completely impartial, designed in conjunction with industry partners to ensure needs of the sector are met and remain compliant with relevant regulations.

Obtain Secure Connectivity

Gain secure access to cloud-based technology allowing you to manage records from any location. Add multiple users and assign them varying roles for tailored use. Make use of sampling for precise assessment grade-checking and seamless evidence sharing. Automatically share data with apprenticeship partners, preventing errors due to manual rekeying.

Use ACE360 with Clarity and Accuracy

Associate each learner with an Apprenticeship Standard to create their personalized training plan, then select and share records with an approved End-Point Assessment Organisation. 

Track progress against the Standard using our managed EPA component and uploading evidence. Receive automatic verification of qualifications, as well as easy communications with Employers, training delivery partners and Assessment Organisations, receiving alerts of gateway achievements and assessment results. Access a comprehensive database of all Apprenticeship Standards at Gateway and EPA component level.

ACE360 Has Integrated Processes Included in the Platform

With ACE360, you can monitor learner progress and completion targets, as well as easily stay compliant with GDPR data legislation and industry standards. The suite of tools provides built-in workflows, notifications, and reporting to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. All data is securely stored in a compliant way, including an electronic record of the Apprenticeship Grade provided by the EPAO.

E.A.S.Y Set Up

There is no need for credit card details – all you need to do is provide some basic information about your organisation and you can unleash the benefits of our secure, convenient, and cost-effective EPA platform. So, what are you waiting for? Get access to your ACE360 account today! 

Everything is brought together in one system
Automatically sends notifications as the process progresses
Streamlined communication
Your data is always 100% secure


Our latest endorsements from Training Providers adopting this game-changing EPA platform, leading to improved efficiency, transparency, accountability, and quality in apprenticeship management.