Higher, Degree and Integrated Degree Apprenticeships

ACE360, brought to you by FISSS, offers a single, robust and standardised EPA solution designed to drive continuous industry improvement.

This is ACE360

FISSS is proud to introduce you to ACE360, a digital platform driven by purpose, not profit, and designed to standardise EPA while making your life as an HEI professional easier.

This powerful yet easy-to-use software has been developed in collaboration with various industry stakeholders and, as a result, has emerged to be the EPA platform of choice for many HEIs.

With ACE360, every aspect of the learner development and assessment cycle is stored within one platform and available at the click of a button. What’s more, it is a highly cost-effective solution designed exactly with your needs in mind.

To find out more and to create an account, contact us.

Developed in Collaboration with Key Industry Stakeholders

FISSS has many years of experience as the industry-sector skills certification body, working closely with the DfE and ESFA. We provide quality assurance in apprenticeship assessment and certification and now support over 70 HEIs in this space.

In collaboration with UVAC, we continue to work closely with a focus group of HEIs to ensure that ACE360 meets and exceeds the EPA and quality assurance demands of all stakeholders.

In addition, this strong collaboration is facilitating sector discussion between HEIs, OfS, QAA and IfATE to develop a common narrative on End-Point Assessment quality.

By maintaining a deep understanding of how HEIs operate across all stages of apprenticeship delivery, FISSS ensures that ACE360 continues to meet the needs of all stakeholders and addresses the challenges faced around quality-assured, independent EPA.

Through the continuation of this mutual working relationship, we aim to develop ACE360 as the sector-leading system whilst driving improvement in industry standards now and in the future.

ACE360 – Empowering You to Deliver and Assess Apprenticeships with Confidence

With ACE360, you and your HEI team members can fully support the learner development and assessment cycle. This one-stop software solution supports progress tracking and data analysis and has reporting capabilities to enable benchmarking by student cohort, standard and industry sectors.

Key data is accessible in one easy to use, account, including:

Guidance and Support When You Need It

While ACE360 is very user-friendly, we understand that you may need occasional support for new users and guidance on new features. Recent feedback for ACE360 suggests that our ongoing support is the #1 service benefit, so we’re obviously doing something right! 

We are always on hand to provide support when needed, and our helpful Knowledge Base and FAQ pages contain immediate answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Create your ACE360 Account Today

ACE360 is at the forefront of standardising EPA, which not only benefits learners and drives industry improvement, it can make your life a whole lot easier!

Set your ACE360 account up today with our E.A.S.Y. Set Up. There is no need for credit card details – all you need to do is provide some basic information about your organisation, and you can enjoy the benefits of our secure, convenient, and cost-effective EPA platform.

Join a growing community of HEIs and support the standardisation of EPA by creating your ACE360 account today!

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Our latest endorsements from Higher Education Institutions adopting this game-changing EPA platform, leading to improved efficiency, transparency, accountability, and quality in apprenticeship management.