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    So, you’ve stumbled across ACE360. Nice to meet you, we’re the most cost-effective Apprenticeship Management Solution on the market and are used by the UK’s most trusted Employers, Training Providers and End Point Assessment Organisations. Put simply, we’re a clever tool that allows you and your delivery partners to send and receive Apprentice records seamlessly and securely whilst ensuring data compliance.

    Our system allows Training Providers and Employers to upload all learner data in one place and transfer this to their EPAO as soon as the learner is ready for gateway. From there, uploaded evidence can be reviewed, and a fail/pass decision given back with supporting notes and evidence if necessary. EPAOs then have a clear audit trail of their work – all without the need for time consuming emails, rekeying of data, and frustrating errors.

    If you’re considering an Apprenticeship Management Solution or contemplating a switch from your existing solution then this blog piece is for you!

    So, why should you choose ACE360? Let us tell you…

    1. We’re Experienced

    In the skills sector. We were created by The Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards (FISSS), the UK’s membership organisation representing the employers who have chosen to collaborate on skills development vital to their industries. With the Federation’s vast experience of providing the ACE (Apprenticeship Certification England) service for those involved in Framework Apprenticeships and upholding the integrity and development of the skills sector, who better to develop an intuitive and easy to use system to help Organisations involved in the delivery and assessment of Apprenticeship Standards?

    5 reasons to choose ace360

    1. We Support

    Our valued customers, whether they’re just setting up their account or are bulk uploading thousands of Apprenticeship records to ACE360 – we’re there every step of the way. Our tech savvy team can hold your hand or let you crack on – whatever works best for you and your team!

    1. We Collaborate

    With Learner Management Systems and empower your team to collaborate with each other too with unlimited user assignment. Say you’re an EPAO Manager with a team of 10 Assessors – you can assign jobs, manage workflows and keep track of your team. Are you a Training Provider or Employer? Then you’ll be delighted to know that ACE360 allows you to assign your learners to their chosen Apprenticeship Standard and passes this through to your chosen End Point Assessment partner, but only when you and your learners are ready. Our unique system completely streamlines the journey an Apprentice takes from training through assessment to quality assurance and allows all those involved in this journey to collaborate and securely share information at the click of a button.

    1. We Empower

    Our users to work just as effectively from home as they would on the job or in the office and futureproof their processes with our secure, cloud-based solution. Get data on your side with our powerful analytics and reporting functionality. Big data doesn’t have to be scary – so ‘hire us’ and we’ll let you take all the credit.

    5 reasons to choose ace360

    1. We Beat Our Competitors

    On cost and customer service ratings! We understand that organisations involved in training and assessment of Apprenticeships are diverse in both size and nature. This is why we offer a pay as you go ‘token approach’ which offers a manageable and budget friendly alternative to our competitors’ complicated and expensive systems. Training Providers simply pay £7.50 + VAT per Apprenticeship record to access the full range of system benefits. We are free for End Point Assessment Organisations, too! Best yet, we have no hidden fees, costs or hidden surprises!

    Ready to get started with the most-cost effective Apprenticeship Management Solution on the market? Great! Set up a FREE account or request a demo here.

    We can’t wait to help you get set up,

    The ACE360 team.

    This post was written by ACE360

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    With over 10 years of experience, ACE360 harnesses the knowledge and trusted track record of FISSS to provide an outstanding experience for all involved in Apprenticeship Standards.

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