How ACE360 Helps You Ensure Compliance | Record Keeping On ACE360

How ACE360 Helps You Ensure Compliance
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    How ACE360 Helps You Ensure Compliance | Record Keeping On ACE360

    Hello and welcome back to the ACE360 blog!

    Now, we’ve spent quite a lot of time explaining the features and benefits of our fantastic Apprenticeship Management Solution in recent pieces, but we thought today we’d cover one of the lesser known but arguably bigger benefits of using ACE360 today. So, what is the benefit? Well, in short, ACE360 helps you ensure compliance!

    How does ACE360 Help Ensure Compliance?

    ACE360 has been designed with compliance at its heart. When dealing with ESFA and your EQA, you will know all too well the importance of exercising your due diligence and keeping appropriate records.

    Did you know though, that for the price of £7.50+VAT per apprentice, our system includes registration, management of gateway and EPA documents and the GDPR compliant and secure storage of your evidence for 6 years past the EPA date?

    But My Provider Has Their Own System – How Would I Benefit From This?

    Great! This will certainly help them manage their internal processes and on-training delivery. However, there are risks when overly-relying on data housed within one system you have limited access to. Why? Let’s take a look:

    Conflicts of Interest

    When overly-relying on your provider’s system, it can be particularly difficult to demonstrate independence and no conflicts of interest.

    Audited by Provider

    Access to your provider’s system can be tracked, withdrawn and even rejected by the provider. You may even need to provide access to an EQA, or there may be an appeal on the information – therefore ensuring that data is accurate and accessible is very important.

    Storing Data For 6 Years

    EPAOs are required to keep the data secure for 6 years past the EPA deadline. This is a long time for your provider to ensure you have access to this material! With ACE360, these 6 years of data are handled by us, and area available quickly and easily should you need access!

    Informational Changes

    The ACE360 team have seen many instances of when an appeal is made for information submitted after the EPA date. This is due to the provider having ownership of this data, and be able to make changes to it.

    Training Costs

    You work with many customers – great! But you will be aware that more customers means more training for you and your staff. This is usually more of a hindrance if your assessors are self-employed, in which case charges may be passed onto you to get them ‘EPA ready’.

    Last Minute Amendments

    You may change assessor, the evidence may be updated, or the information may be deleted – these are just some of the risks associated with relying on a provider’s system that we see all too often!

    As you can see, using ACE360 can help you ensure that you are well-placed to deal with many of the hurdles associated with ensuring compliance.

    If you are looking to step up your data game and take control with the most cost-effective Apprenticeship Management System on the market, get in touch with the ACE360 team for a free demo at a time that suits you.

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    The ACE360 Team

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