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Apprenticeship Management
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    Hello Readers! Welcome back to the ACE360 blog. Today we’re discussing Apprentice Management and how the lives of those involved in the delivery and assessment of apprenticeships can be made easier through use of a simple apprenticeship management system that makes what was previously a confusing and time-consuming process into a simpler, more joined up one!

    What is Apprenticeship Management? 

    Apprenticeship Management refers to either managing apprenticeships in employment, whilst training, or when handling or assessing an Apprentice’s assessment record.

    Read on to learn more about best practice and additional resources!

    What Do We Mean By ‘Apprenticeship Management Made Easy’?

    At ACE360 we help everyone (employers, training providers and end point assessment organisations) manage apprenticeships together in a secure and efficient way. That sounds simple, but that’s the point! With ACE360 you can say goodbye to lengthy emails, phonecalls, rekeying errors and missed deadlines and hello to an easy, more joined-up way of working through our easy to use cross-platform software.

    Apprenticeship management wasn’t always easy! Before ACE360, training providers, employers and EPAOs had to rely on outdated methods of data collection and communication. Now with heightening data protection and changing best practice, managing apprenticeship records in an outdated way (you know, like using paper records…) is increasingly difficult and in some instances could even be illegal! With ACE360, you can rest assured your data is handled in a compliant manner, in a centralised and secure system!

    Here are some of the practices to avoid when managing records:

    • Keeping records in an unsecured area which are vulnerable to data breaches and hacking
    • Duplication of documents sent through different email chains by different people
    • Errors through collaboration on different versions of the same documents
    • Communicating records in an unsecured manner – by post, email and text

    How Can I Improve My Apprenticeship Processes? 

    Let’s face it, the old methods of apprenticeship management are dying out, and for good reason! Our friendly team are driven by our core charitable objects to offer free and helpful advice wherever it is needed during this transition (we’re a not-for-profit org, you see!). Whether you phone us up or attend a free webinar, we’re waiting at the other end to help you make the easy transition to ACE360 to manage or assess apprenticeship standards. Simply follow the link below to sign up to a free ACE360 webinar or to create a free account today!

    Other Apprenticeship Management Resources

    Sign up for a free ACE360 webinar here

    Create an account here

    For ACE360 benefits explainer video click here

    For ESFA helpful tools click here

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