Apprenticeship Management System Advice: How To Promote Courses

Apprenticeship Management System - How To Promote your Training Course
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    Hello Readers, welcome back to the ACE360 blog! Today we’re starting our Apprenticeship Management System advice series, starting with guidance on how training providers can promote their training courses online!

    So, if you are a provider who has recently created an Apprenticeships course, you may want to get to grips with how to promote your course online to ensure you achieve uptake in the future.

    Fortunately for you, this doesn’t have to be complicated – our expert team at ACE360 are going to break down, step by step, what a training course is and the best ways you can promote it based on the success we have found promoting our Apprenticeship Management System – we’ve tried what works and what doesn’t so you don’t have to!

    What Is A Training Course?

    Put simply, a training course seeks to help boost the knowledge and skills required of a specific group of people to ensure that they meet whichever requirements are specified within an organisation or by individuals themselves.

    What Are The Benefits Of Training Courses?

    Training Courses are an effective way of upskilling individuals to achieve specified goals and can benefit all different types of learners, regardless of seniority within an organisation. The main benefits of training courses in our opinion as an Apprenticeship Management Solution are:

    • Increased engagement for employees.
    • Reduction in long-term costs associated with the outsourcing that may be required if internal teams lack specific skills.
    • Fewer accidents associated with inadequate training, and therefore less legislative risk for Organisations.
    • To reduce staff turnover – if your team are paid well, trained often and given the opportunity to develop they will be more loyal to your organisation than otherwise!
    • Improved customer experience resulting from more attentive and higher-quality services delivered by your team.
    • A more future-proofed organisation due to the greater adaptability of your team and their skillsets.
    • Enhanced decision-making capabilities of employees due to increased confidence received from training.

    How To Promote Your Apprenticeship Training Course?

    There are several ways you can promote your apprenticeship training course. You will be happy to know a lot of them are free to do! Let’s look at some of the ways that have worked for us:

    Apprenticeship Management System - Guest Blogging

    Guest Blogging  

    Looking to attract a larger base of ‘on-target’ customers? Consider guest-blogging as a form of promotion for your training courses!

    The best thing about guest-blogging is that your promotional efforts can be focused to the customer bases of other businesses within your niche! The key to successfully guest-blogging is identifying knowledge-gaps of other businesses and ask to provide value to them and their customer base through writing SEO friendly blog pieces that prioritise offering value. By doing so, you can position your organisation as a trustworthy thought-leader within your niche to increase in-bound enquiries for your training course whilst developing relationships with other organisations you work closely alongside. It’s a win, win, win scenario!

    Apprenticeship Management System - Social Media

    Social Media

    Trying to reach your target market in a cost-effective way? Up your social media game! You may already be familiar with social media sites such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, and don’t get us wrong – these are fantastic platforms to reach your target market through informative and engaging content, but have you considered newer platforms?

    An example of a new social media site that provides fantastic organic reach is TikTok. With an increasing number of brands joining the platform, the sooner you join the app and get posting the better – claim your space as a leader in your area before someone else does!

    Other fantastic social media sites include Instagram, Reddit and Pinterest, and you can refer here for best practice when using them.

    Apprenticeship Management System - SEO

    SEO Strategy (Search Engine Optimisation) 

    It’s no secret that people research products, services, and more specifically training courses, on search engines before purchasing!

    Perhaps the best way to promote your training course effectively is by ensuring that your website ranks on the 1st page of Google by initially researching which keywords your target market use when looking for your training course, and also implementing them on your website in a way that is deemed industry best-practice. Click here for some expert SEO advice from a trusted source. By doing so, you can ensure that your website receives a healthy volume of relevant traffic which should result in increased enquiry and uptake of your training course.

    Apprenticeship Management System - Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Good old fashioned email marketing is an extremely effective way to reach out to your target market and decision makers straight to their inbox and it’s here to stay. Here’s why!

    Email marketing is extremely customisable in look and feel. You can tailor offers to specific recipients and perhaps the best aspect of email marketing is how easy it is to measure results from campaigns using popular online e-marketing providers such as Mailchimp and SendInBlue. Best yet, campaigns can even be automated, meaning less time spent by you promoting and more time doing what you do best.

    In short, no matter what your budget is, there’s a solution for you!

    Learn More About Our Apprenticeship Management System

    If you’re promoting a training course then you will also need a reliable and high-quality Apprenticeship Management System to help you communicate with your chosen End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs) securely and seamlessly…

    ACE360 offers a truly compelling alternative to other solutions on the market – with ACE360, you will benefit from our charitable apprenticeship data solution which is the most cost-effective option on the market created by the Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards (FISSS).

    Interested in learning more about a free account on ACE360 can do for you? Click here to save your space on an upcoming webinar!

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