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    At ACE360, we take our Apprenticeship solution feedback seriously. So seriously in fact that we’ve been doing it for over a decade!

    Since supporting the industry with Framework Apprenticeships through our previous ACE system, we’ve learned a lot about customer relationship management and exactly what kind of features our partners need and deserve to make their lives easier.

    If you’re in two minds about your existing Apprenticeship Management Solution, then now’s the time to ask them any of the following questions. By doing so you’ll be able to find out if you are getting the most bang for your buck and will help you make an informed decision about whether or not they’re the best solution for you. Who knows, you may even find yourself switching to ACE360 to save you a lot of time, money and hassle!

    Am I Tied To Costly Ongoing Subscription Fees?

    You’d be surprised by how many EPAOs, Training Providers and Employers are being charged unnecessary subscription costs by their existing Apprenticeship Management Solution provider.

    Due to our charitable status as a product of The Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards (FISSS), we are able to provide a solution that is affordable for all Organisations whether big or small without sparing on quality. In fact, we take this one step further and offer ACE360 to EPA Organsiations free of charge whilst being the most cost-effective pay as you go solution on the market for Training Providers and Employers!

    Is Personalised Support Readily Available To Me And My Team?

    Interestingly, some of the other Apprenticeship Management Solutions on the market that are high on price are also those with lower levels of customer support.

    We pride ourselves on our customer support team and their satisfaction ratings that they maintain. They really live and breathe the product and can answer any question you or your team have (no matter how big or small you think they may be!) Don’t just take our word for it though, our partners ranked our customer support #1 when asked to choose what their favourite service element of ACE360 is. Charitable obligations before commercial gain, always!

    How Reliable Is Your Data Security, Really?

    You don’t need us to tell you that GDPR compliance has become a bit of a buzz phrase in recent years. We think it’s worthwhile warning you though that we see some Organisations making inflated claims on their website, so it’s always best to check that their data protection credentials are indeed what they say they are.

    Your learners’/ partner Organisations’ data is very important. We Believe it should be treated as such. That’s all well and good to say, but what does reliable data security actually look like in practice? Well, you can never be too secure, but we’d like to think our IT approach sets the tone for the industry! With a Cyber Certified ACE360 account you, your Organisation and your partners’ data is protected by a lock out system, captcha protection, brute force protection, secure password and data reset options, regular pen testing by a trusted IT security company. That’s what we call secure!

    Is Your Solution Widely Integrated With Other Software Providers?

    With EPAOs and Training Providers increasingly turning to technology over the last year, it’s more important than ever that your Apprenticeship Management Software can intelligently communicate with other solutions that you and your team rely on. After all, the primary purpose of an Apprenticeship Management Solution is to make your data handling a seamless, stress-free experience.

    At ACE360, we spend a lot of time improving our compatibility with other reliable software providers as we understand that our solution’s ability to do so makes their life a whole lot easier! That’s why it’s so important for us to continue ensuring that our solution meets the everchanging integration demands of our valued users!

    What Are Your Overall Approval Ratings From Users?

    You’d be surprised how many solution providers don’t measure their approval ratings! Be careful of competitor’s claims that are not backed up by data.

    At ACE360, we believe that staying in touch with the likes and dislikes of our partner organisations is of utmost importance. After all, Apprenticeships is a fast-paced industry, and we understand that Organisations working within it have preferences that change frequently. That is why our team regularly conduct industry-wide consultative research to ascertain the needs of the industry to ensure that we can meet – and exceed – these needs with our Apprenticeship Management Solution.

    Not Happy With Your Provider’s Answers To Any Of The Above?

    Switch To ACE360! You’ll be glad to know it’s much easier than it sounds.

    When you switch, our expert team will work with your Providers and EPA partners to collate and cleanse your historic data & upload your existing records. We handle all the hassle so you don’t have to. The best part? You won’t be charged a penny for an ACE360 account if you are an EPAO, and you don’t need to worry about any up front costs as a Training Provider!

    Our unique approach to charging means that all Providers and Employers – regardless of size – can benefit from our reasonable pay-as-you-go approach, whereby only £7.50+VAT is paid per Apprentice record at the point of upload.

    Click here to create a free account today. No credit card required!

    We hope to welcome you to the ACE360 family soon,

    The ACE360 Team.

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