When should I register with my EPAO?

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    We often get asked, when is the best time to register my apprentices for EPA?

    So, we thought we would try help answer that. The answer differs between the different partners involved in Apprenticeship Standards. Unfortunately there is no definitive answer, so here is the published guidance from a range of organisations involved in delivering Apprenticeship Standards;

    External Quality Assurance (IFATE) – 6 Months before the estimated end date

    Guidance from the EQA Framework is that apprentices should be registered 6 months before the estimated end date.

    At least six months before the estimated end date, the employer/Training Provider registers the apprentice with their chosen EPAO (dates should be updated as they change) – page 28

    ESFA Guidance – Within 3 months of start date

    When you register the apprentice on the ILR, you need to select an EPAO, you can move and change EPAOs upon the request of the provider. The guidance states that registration with EPAO should be within 3 months.

    Your training provider must contract with your chosen EPAO on your behalf within 3 months of the apprenticeship starting. Section 5

    Your EPAO guidance – 3-18 months before gateway

    Depending on your EPAO may depend on the amount of notice required for EPA. (from 3 months to 18 months before Gateway, sometimes further in advance). In fact often EPAOs will make preferential treatment for organisations who register apprentice early.

    What is consistent across all EPAOs is that the more notice they have, then the better support they can provide. There is a direct positive correlation between grades and preparedness of the provider and EPAO.


    Guidance from ACE360 – At registration of apprenticeship

    Well, we want your apprentices to get the best results possible, so we’ve done a few things to allow you to register apprentices at the start of programme.

    • ACE360 is levy deductible from TNP1
    • 90 day automatic refund – if the apprentice withdraws on ACE360 within 90 days of starting programme, we’ll automatically provide you another token on ACE360.
    • LMS / MIS integration – connect ACE360 direct to your learner management system with an Open API
    • Fixed price – it’s only a fiver and it lasts the whole lifetime of the apprentice’s programme and 6 years after certification. So on a 4 year programme, the apprentice could be on ACE360 for 10 years, that’s a bargain of 50p per year!

    Industry Best Practice from other ACE360 providers – Average 640 days before gateway date

    Industry best practice is to provide as much notice as possible. On average apprentice records on ACE360 are registered 640 days before the expected Gateway date. We see some great best practice in the industry, here’s what our customers do;

    • Register at the start of programme
    • Provide secure access to unlimited employees across the organisation
    • Track progress of learner through gateway
    • Upload unlimited pieces of Gateway evidence and delete the ones they don’t need
    • Have early planning meeting with their EPAOs, years before the EPA date.

    So, to get the most out of your £7.50 + VAT, why not register apprentices early and benefit from the industry leading platform – ACE360.

    P.S if you need any help loading apprentices our team will be there to help you all the way.

    Got a question about our unique Apprenticeship Management Solution or want to create a free account?

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