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    We are delighted to welcome 1st For EPA to the ACE360 blog as a guest contributor this month. In this piece, 1st For EPA share their thoughts on our latest updated features and some of their favourite aspects of using ACE360! So, read on to learn about this Assessment Organisation’s first hand experience of using our system…

    ‘End point assessment made easy’ is our slogan, but it could just as easily be ACE360’s. At 1st for EPA, we’ve always been advocates of the ACE360 EPA management system, and the latest updates are the icing on the cake.

    The latest release includes a whole host of updates, including faster processing, user friendly buttons, drag-and-drop uploads, booking exports and a meeting link in apprentice confirmation emails.

    It may sound like we’re geeking out over the features, but the bottom line is:

    • It speeds up our processes, saving our team time and allowing staff to focus on other tasks.
    • It provides a better experience for apprentices. They can access their online assessment simply by clicking a button in their confirmation email.
    • It creates a complete audit trail for every apprentice. Ideal for EPAOs, ideal for training providers.

    This is just the latest release. From day one, ACE360 has been built around users it’s one of the most user friendly, secure, GDPR-compliant apprenticeship portals on the market.

    Let’s not forget one of the biggest selling points – the ACE360 team. Fast responses and swift action are values we take very seriously – in fact, we built our own company on the same principles. Ask the ACE360 team a question, you’ll get a training session. Call with a problem, they’ll fix it there and then. Recommend an improvement, you’ll get a whole host of updates (case in point…).

    EPAOs, if you haven’t tried ACE360 yet, look at what it could do for you. Click here to create an account!

    Training providers, if your EPAO’s system is frustrating to use, send them this article with a friendly note – there is another option, and it’s free for EPAOs!

    We’ve lost count of the number of clients who have breathed a sigh of relief when we tell them we use the ACE360 portal.

    Huge thanks to Robert and the team – your commitment to making ACE360 the best on the market has helped us do the same for our business

    1st for EPA makes end point assessment easy. Their guidance makes EPA transparent, supporting apprentices through to completion and helping training providers improve achievement rates.

    To see 1st for EPA’s apprentice case studies and guidance on preparing apprentices for EPA, visit their website here.

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