Challenges Facing HEI’s Delivering and Assessing Degree Apprenticeships

Challenges Facing HEIs with Degree Apprenticeships
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    Hello readers, welcome back! Let’s talk about how Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are changing things up with degree apprenticeships. It’s a whole new ball game, and universities are facing some interesting challenges when it comes to delivering and assessing these apprenticeships.

    In this blog post, we’re diving into the main factors influencing HEIs in this journey, and we’ve got some solid data to give you the lowdown on the current challenges they’re tackling.

    Lack of Support

    It’s tough out there for HEIs trying to deliver and assess degree apprenticeships. Some folks just don’t get it, you know?

    Employers, students, and even some academic staff may not fully appreciate the value of degree apprenticeships. So, we all have to play our part in educating everyone about the awesome benefits and career prospects possible with this approach to education.

    Growing but Still Low Appreciation of Degree Apprenticeships

    Degree apprenticeships are catching on, but there’s still more work to be done. Not enough employers are offering them—only 12% to be precise, according to the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

    We need to shout from the rooftops about how amazing degree apprenticeships are and get more employers and learners on board.

    Navigating Funding Challenges

    Money, money, money—it’s a big concern for HEIs in the degree apprenticeship game. The funding model for apprenticeships can be complicated and uncertain, making financial planning a headache for universities.

    We need to find that sweet spot between quality education and managing costs to keep these programs going strong.

    Balancing Responsibilities of Assessment and Delivery

    It’s a real balancing act for degree apprenticeship universities. It can sometimes feel like a juggling act, with being top-notch educators and also top-notch assessors at the same time!

    Handling the academic side of traditional degrees while keeping up with apprenticeship assessments can be a challenge.

    We need to align our teaching and assessment strategies to get the best of both worlds. Easier said than done, we know!

    Navigating an Ever-Changing Environment

    The world of apprenticeships and HEIs is always shifting and shaking. Government policies change, tech advances, and industries shift their demands.

    It’s a lot to keep up with, but we’ve got to be adaptable and forward-thinking enough to stay on top of our game!

    ACE360: Guiding Light for HEI Delivery and Assessment of Degree Apprenticeships

    But hey, we’ve got a secret weapon: ACE360! It’s a leading End-Point Assessment (EPA) Management Platform that makes degree apprenticeship assessments a breeze to manage and assess.

    With years of experience at FISSS, ACE360’s got the goods to streamline the whole process, ensuring GDPR compliance and smooth apprenticeship data management. So, you’ve got less to worry about, and more time to spend on what you do best!

    Dedicated Customer Support

    Oh, and it’s not just an awesome EPA platform. ACE360’s got a brilliant customer support team with a 98% approval rating!

    They’re like your trusty sidekicks, there to help you through any challenges you face with degree apprenticeships. With ACE360 by your side, you can tackle anything that comes your way!

    Embracing the Future with ACE360

    So, yeah, degree apprenticeships have their challenges, but we’re ready to face them head-on!

    From lack of support to funding complexities, we’re gonna be proactive and play our part in raising awareness of degree apprenticeships in this ever-changing landscape.

    ACE360’s got your back, and with our expertise and tools, you can make a real impact on your degree apprenticeship programs and the learners that you serve.

    Ready to learn more about ACE360 and make your life easier? Contact us today and dive in!

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