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Higher Education Apprenticeship
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    Hello Readers, welcome back to the ACE360 blog! In today’s blog we are sharing our latest report prepared in collaboration with PSEdtech to explore the topic of Higher Education Apprenticeships from a Practitioner’s Perspective.

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    Why did we conduct research into Higher Education Apprenticeships?

    ACE360 is trusted by over 72 HEI’s to manage their apprenticeship data as a provider and/or Integrated End-Point Assessment Organisation. The Federation wanted to identify, and better understand a number of key operational challenges faced by HEI’s. Specifically, the focus of the project was to understand current issues pertaining to delivery, on- programme assessment, end point assessment and submission of data returns for funding and certification.

    Who was this Higher Education Apprenticeship research conducted for?

    The research was conducted independently by FISSS as a mechanism to support HEIs, External Quality Assurance organisations and industry bodies.

    What outcome are we hoping for?

    At ACE360, we simplify the certification process. Better understanding the key challenges has already helped to scope the future of apprenticeship delivery and management within HEI’s. We hope the independent research is well-received to overcome current challenges and create consistency in a quality certification model. We’re driven by ensuring quality and robustness in the EPA process to provide an efficient assessment and certification service – supporting and enabling universities to ensure standards are maintained. This quality focus rather than commerciality, we see as integral to our core mission.

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    With over 10 years of experience, ACE360 harnesses the knowledge and trusted track record of FISSS to provide an outstanding experience for all involved in Apprenticeship Standards.

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