Key Takeaways from the Westminster Insight Degree Apprenticeship Conference

Key Takeaways from the Westminster Insight Degree Apprenticeship Conference
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    Hello readers, welcome back to the ACE360 blog! Returning from the Westminster Insight Degree Apprenticeship Conference on July 9th, I found myself both inspired and motivated. Despite the wet and windy London weather, the event, hosted by Professor Colin Bailey of Queen Mary University, was an insightful event.

    In today’s blog, I’m here to update you on the key takeaways! At ACE360, we want to keep you in the loop with all the goings on in the apprenticeship space so read on for my key takeaways!

    Employer Perspective

    The conference was full of insights, especially from employers like BAE, IBM, and Network Rail, who emphasised the critical role of apprenticeships in their organisations. It was fantastic to hear about the collaborative efforts with universities to ensure the success of these programs.

    A notable highlight was the impressive work universities are doing to support students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, which I think will be key in enhancing both uptake and skill development nationwide!

    Increasing Apprenticeship Uptake

    UCAS’s new initiatives to bolster degree apprenticeship uptake stood out. Their free vacancy postings and API integration with the Department for Education promise to broaden opportunities significantly. I think this is a much-needed resource and can image uptake being high!

    Importance of Compliance and Quality

    A favourite moment on mine was Jonathan Lawson from Manchester Metropolitan University stating, “Compliance is important, but quality is even more important.” This resonated deeply with the audience and underscored a core belief at ACE360 – we do strive to improve both quality and compliance after all!

    Regulatory Challenges

    The regulatory challenges faced by universities were a recurring theme, with bodies like OfS, ESFA, and Ofsted setting numerous requirements. At ACE360, we simplify this by working closely with these organisations to integrate their needs into our EPA platform, ensuring a streamlined process.

    The Solution

    I’m so pleased to say that the premium customers that I met during the event had fantastic feedback about our platform. Many noted that without ACE360, their audits would have been far more stressful. Our platform’s ease of use and comprehensive information delivery were particularly praised by them and generally made the process of ensuring compliance a whole lot easier than it otherwise would be.

    In summary, it was a day filled with valuable insights and productive conversations. Though I couldn’t speak to everyone, I’m eager to follow up. Please reach out to me via email at for more on how ACE360 can enhance your processes or generally just to catch up from the event!

    Until next time, I hope you have enjoyed my latest blog and have unique insights of your own that you can apply to the way you work.

    This post was written by Keith Truslove

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    Keith is the Account Director at Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards (FISSS).

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