When Is The Ofqual Closing Date?

When is the Ofqual closing date? Blog piece by ACE360
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    When Is The Ofqual Closing Date And How To Get Your Ducks In A Row  

    Welcome back to the blog, readers!   

    Our team have been busy back and forth between the office, client visits and some exciting conferences recently. It’s not just us that have been busy though, so too are the End-Point Assessment Organisations in our network who have been preparing their reports for Ofqual 

    If you’re reading this thinking ‘wait a second… I haven’t prepared a report for Ofqual?’ then this blog post is for you – unfortunately it’s too late now, but if you follow the advice below you can make sure you understand the requirement to report by the 18th and the ramifications of late submissions in the future.  

    When Is The Ofqual Closing Date?  

    Assessment Organisations delivering End Point Assessments where Ofqual is the regulator should respond no later than the 18th of March 2022. If for some reason you are unable to submit the required information to Ofqual then you are required to notify them as soon as possible, explaining why information cannot be provided on time. In the case that this is deemed reasonable, an extension may be granted.   

    The next deadline is still to be decided, but it is best to keep on top of your figures and reporting well in advance so that you are ready.  

    If you are an ACE360 customer and wish to receive your Ofqual ready report, contact robert.herriot@fisss.org before the 18th March 2022. 

    What Happens If I Miss The Ofqual Deadline?  

    Failure to submit your report before the deadline may result in a lot of problems for your Assessment Organisation. For example, failure to provide information as required is a breach of the General Conditions of Recognition and Ofqual may take regulatory action as a result and may bring your business into disrepute.  

    What Do I Need To Report To Ofqual?  

    First and foremost, reporting to Ofqual requires a robust internal data management process within your business that puts GDPR and data security at the forefront.  

    As specialists in this area, we strongly encourage you to create an account on ACE360 as it allows you and your delivery partners to securely store all your data in one, secure place with some fantastic data analysis features designed to make your life a whole lot easier come this time of year! There’s no initial cost to creating an account and you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

    Once you have this in place – which we’d describe as the basics – you will have access to the Apprentice data that you input over time which provides information on your key outcomes as an EPA which allows Ofqual to identify and keep under review any trends and variations in; Grade distribution of EPAs and Grade distribution of EPA assessment components. 

    How Can I Get Prepared For The Next Ofqual Report?  

    The best way to start getting prepared for Ofqual deadlines is to create a free account on ACE360 by clicking here.

    Following account setup, your designated ACE360 Account Manager will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about your account and what is required of you in the future. In addition to this, our team offer year-round Q&A webinar sessions designed specifically to allow our partners to get together, discuss ideas and learn from each other!  

    When in doubt, always refer to Ofqual’s website here 

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