Why Apprenticeships Are Important For Learners & Employers

Why Apprenticeships Are Important
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    Hello Readers! Welcome back to the ACE360 blog. In today’s Apprenticeship News piece, we are discussing exactly why apprenticeships are important.

    We all have our opinions about why apprenticeships are important, but today we will be sharing the far-reaching benefits they have to not only employers but also learners!

    Why Apprenticeships Are Important For Employers

    Each employer has their unique way of doing things. It is for this reason that welcoming an Apprentice into your business is a good idea. In fact, as Apprentices join an organisation at an early stage in their career, it’s likely that their early career learning and development will be more attuned to the ins and outs of the specific company’s culture and operational procedures which makes for a valuable long-term employee. This ensures that a learner develops into the ‘best fit’ possible for both the role and the organisation!

    Employing apprentices also has the benefit of demonstrating your commitment to society and the labour / skills market. In fact, many consumers are now preferring companies that demonstrate such a commitment through their CSR initiatives and their commitment to employers. Employer commitments don’t just stop at supporting Apprentices either – many employers also support their under 25 employees to take on opportunities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award to gain valuable skills inside and outside of work!

    Cost-efficiency is another reason why apprenticeships are important for employers. In fact, the Government can potentially cover the entire cost of training for an apprentice! This is a great example of how you can utilise available resources to grow your team in a cost-effective way.

    Why Apprenticeships Are Important For Learners

    One of the most prominent factors that are important to Apprentices in 2022 is that apprenticeships are an extremely accessible form of learning which also allows for learners to earn – in other words, Apprenticeships put the earn in learn! In fact, the average Graduate from an English University is in debt by £40,280 which is  invariably a huge sum of money whichever way you look at it. It therefore comes as no surprise that a growing number of school leavers are choosing Apprenticeships as a fantastic next step after school to avoid debt!

    Furthermore, Apprenticeships offer a more varied form of learning. It’s no secret that many young people prefer practical methods of learning compared with the more traditional classroom / lecture theatre model. All in all, Apprenticeships lend themselves to learners who favour different ways to develop!

    Additionally, Apprenticeships are important for learners because it allows them to gain valuable experience earlier on in their career than they otherwise would if they go down the more traditional route. Many apprentices love this aspect as it helps them figure out exactly what they’re good at and what they want to do more of later in their career.

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