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    This one goes out to all the EPAOs that use ACE360. Recently the system has been updated to allow further control by unlocking component grades, this has supported the speed and efficiency of ACE360.

    We have continued this trend on the system, by again removing the need to upload the same file multiple times and making this process complete within seconds.

    ACE360 now allows admins within an EPAO to share any document that has been uploaded to an EPA Component. By using the new  button, you will be able to send the file to the shared document section with the click of button. ACE360 now makes the process of file sharing and progressing a learner through the system efficient and removes any duplication a user may have experienced.

    This feature can be used to shared summarised feedback with providers once an apprentice has been graded following EPA, this can then be viewed and shared with the apprentice by the provider.

    For more exciting developments, be sure to keep checking the advent calendar each day.

    Finally, always remember that this year, we’re giving these updates to all of our wonderful customers every day in December!

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