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    The ACE360 team has listened to feedback from our customers on how to make the system easier to use and view your information. This new feature released has been focused on advancing the search and filter capability within ACE360.

    ACE360 has been updated to allow customers to search not only by the following:

    • Standard Name
    • ACE360 ID
    • ULN
    • Apprentice Name & Surname

    The system will now allow you to search by Employer Name. This is a development which we hope will benefit all our of customers when searching the using the system. Please remember that if you are exporting data out of ACE60, the employer’s name will be on the CSV download, this allows you to analyse your data in more detail. Whilst offering greater visibility of where your apprentices are up to on their journey.

    This advanced search filter will now be available when viewing “Live Records”, “Record Assignment” & “Archived Records”.

    We hope the new advanced search feature will make it easier than ever to view your records. As always, it would be great to get your thoughts on this new feature and if you do have any feedback, please let the team know.

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