8 Reasons to upgrade to ACE360 Premium

8 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to ACE360 Premium
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    End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs) play a crucial role in supporting apprenticeship programs and ensuring successful outcomes for learners. As an EPAO, you may already be using ACE360, the UK’s leading End Point Assessment Solution, in its core functionality form.

    However, upgrading to ACE360 Premium brings a host of new features and benefits that can revolutionise your assessment process, improve efficiency, and provide additional support.

    In this blog post, we’ll explore the eight reasons why you should consider upgrading to ACE360 Premium.

    Scheduling and Booking Tool

    ACE360 Premium offers access to a powerful scheduling and booking tool that simplifies the process of arranging assessments.

    With the sight of assessor availability, you can efficiently schedule assessments, avoiding conflicts and ensuring the right assessors are available at the right time. This feature saves time, reduces administrative burdens, and improves overall workflow.

    Staging Account and Access to Pre-Released Features

    By upgrading to ACE360 Premium, you gain exclusive access to staging, a platform that provides early access to pre-released features and systems.

    Staging allows you to explore and familiarise yourself with upcoming updates, helping you better understand and prepare for any changes.

    It also facilitates training demonstrations, ensuring you are equipped with the knowledge to make the most of ACE360’s evolving capabilities.

    Participate in Forum Meetings and Influence Forum Meetings

    With ACE360 Premium, you can actively participate in forum meetings, giving you a voice and direct input into the development of the platform.

    Your feedback, suggestions, and insights will have a higher priority, enabling you to shape ACE360’s future according to your organisation’s needs.

    This collaborative environment fosters innovation and ensures that the platform remains aligned with the ever-changing demands of ACE360’s valued EPAO users!

    Training and Implementation Resources

    Upgrading to ACE360 Premium entitles you to one-to-one training sessions with a bespoke implementation plan tailored to your organisation’s needs and implementation resources.

    A named contact at ACE360 will be assigned to your organisation, providing personalised support and guidance. This direct line of communication ensures that you receive comprehensive training, implementation assistance, and expert advice tailored to your specific requirements.

    Assessor Notification and Emails

    Communication is key in any successful assessment organisation, and ACE360 Premium enhances your communication capabilities.

    This upgraded version provides enhanced assessor notifications and emails, allowing for more streamlined and efficient communication between assessors, administrators, and learners.

    Clear and timely communication improves coordination and ensures everyone is on the same page throughout the assessment process.

    Ofqual Conflict of Interest Declaration

    ACE360 Premium provides access to the Ofqual conflict of interest declaration, a crucial regulatory requirement for EPAOs.

    By having this feature readily available, you can easily manage and document any potential conflicts of interest, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and maintaining transparency and integrity within your assessment process.

    Support with Ofqual Report

    With ACE360 Premium, we will support with the annual data returns for the purpose of External Quality Assurance (EQA). Subject to the requirements of Ofqual / The Office for Students.

    Dedicated Account Manager for Optimal ROI

    By upgrading to ACE360 Premium, you will be assigned a dedicated ACE360 Manager. This Manager’s role is to ensure that your organisation gets the best return on investment for the time and money invested in ACE360.

    They will provide ongoing support, guidance, and assistance, helping you leverage the platform’s full potential and maximise the benefits for your business.

    Get Started Today

    ACE360 Premium offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline and enhance your End Point Assessment Experience. So, what are you waiting for?

    To discover pricing to join ACE360 premium, get in touch today for your bespoke quote!

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